Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nursing Cover-up

These nursing cover-ups provide new mommies with privacy when breast feeding their new little blessing. There is a strap that goes around the mother's neck to ensure that her little one does not inadvertently remove the cover while feeding. They make wonderful gifts. This one was made 2 coordinating with 100% cotton fabrics, but they can be made using a variety of fabrics and color choices. These can be personalized.


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April Kay said...

Aww, I have LOVED my nursing cover-up! It took Mason a while to get used to it, and me a while to nurse in public, but now we can do it like pros! :) Thank you sooo much for making this for me! I have gotten the most compliments on it! And I can't wait to use my shopping cart cover! Post it on this thang! It's sooo cute!